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As Chief Operating Officer of the Cannery Row Company for the past several years, Bill Grimm is primarily responsible for real estate asset management, including acquisitions and leasing for all company holdings.

Previously, Bill served as a senior executive for several years in the foodservice industry and was responsible for creating franchise growth strategies and scaling the companies. They included PepsiCo’s California Pizza Kitchen, Allied Domecq’s Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins, and Gloria Jean’s Coffees, where he was also an officer.

Bill served on the Board of Directors of Mission Community Hospital in Los Angeles where he also chaired the finance committee. In more recent years he served as Board Chair of the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and chaired the Government Affairs Committee, from where he spoke before the California State Senate.

Bill has given several speeches throughout his career including being the keynote speaker at a national sales meeting and at the graduation ceremony at a college. He has been interviewed on CNBC TV on multiple occasions as well as the inaugural program of FOX TV’s American Business. He has also been named to the International Who’s Who of Professionals.

Bill has a BS degree in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and pursued his MBA at Loyola University-Chicago.

The Keys To Successfully Launching A Franchise

One of the principal management challenges in franchising is the administration of a highly regulated business. If management is not dedicated to, and/or not capable of meeting this challenge, it would be a mistake to adopt the franchise method of distribution. This workshop covers legal compliance, how to organize a franchise concept, and how to grow a franchise system. Realistic startup costs, pro-forma budgeting, and marketing are shared from real-world experiences of several successful franchise concepts.

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