Bill Grimm
Chief Growth Officer


Bill Grimm is one of America's foremost authorities on sales, management, and developing a business strategy that will accelerate business growth domestically & internationally. Some of his successes included brands like California Pizza Kitchen, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, and Gloria Jeans Coffees. His broad experience of accomplishments includes developing a product ranked #1 by Consumer Reports, upgrading the tenant mix on one of the most famous streets in the world, achieving #1 salesperson in the country for a Fortune 500 Company, and serving as interim CEO of a Los Angeles based hospital.


Bill's leadership coaching programs are designed to cultivate the essential skills and qualities required to become successful leader.
Through personalized coaching sessions, Bill helps individuals tap into their strenghs, enhance their emotional intelligence, and develop effective communication and decision-making abilities, empowering leaders and corporations to overcome challenges, inspiring their teams, and fostering a culture of excellence within the organization.
The executive coaching programs provide a supportive environment to explore personal and professional growth as well. By leveraging the expertise, executives can enhance their strategic thinking, sharpen their leadership skills, and achieve greater balance in their life and work. This service will be tailored to address specific challenges faced by top-level decision makers.

Bill Grimm coaching is an interactive, dynamic learning experience tailored to each unique situation. It can ad value by shifting strategies for growth. Bill plays a pivotal role in assessing the company’s culture and current financial situation, developing a comprehensive plan for management and growth and by implementing his techniques to maximaze productivity. Bill’s skilled methods help CEO’s, leaders and entrpreneurs to think clearly and prioritize the critical issues that can make a significant difference in achieving their goals and becoming successful.

Bill is officially registered as a certified and accredited Coaching Master by the Coaching Masters which is an accredited training provider to a level 4 equivlent by The Interntional Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring. A certificate is only granted to coaches who have demonstrated the knowledge skills, and capabilities required to pass The Coaching Masters vigorous and complhensive assessment process.


Bill has given numerous public speeches in his career, including twice being Keynote Speaker at influential events. He gives inspirational speeches as well as informational speeches so his audience thrive in work and in life.

Bill was born in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Based on his own experiences going through challenges during his childhood, and achievements during his career changes from mom-and-pop businesses to publicly traded global companies, making multi- million-dollar deals, he delivers powerful speeches with the intention of inspiring and transforming the audience to follow in his footsteps to become successful.

Bill provides a unique perspective focusing on personal development, entrepreneurship, leadership, and corporate productivity.

As a most resourceful motivational speaker, Bill is a true inspiration. He teaches how to step out and pursue the full measure of success and happiness.

If you are looking for a speaker to inspire and motivate your audience, then look no further than Bill Grimm


Franchising is a professional way for you to expand your business nationally and internationally.

Bill Grimm has extensive experience in developing business strategies that will accelerate business growth domestically and internationally. Bill’s successes in franchising concepts include California Piza Kitchen, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, and Gloria Jean Gourmet Coffees.

One of the principal management challenges in franchising is the administration of a highly regulated business. If management is not dedicated to, and/or not capable of meeting this challenge, it would be a mistake to adopt the franchise method of distribution.

Based on his personal experiences, Bill Grimm will set up a workshop covering legal compliance, how to organize a franchise concept, and how to grow a franchise system. He will provides you with a very easy comprehensive process to guide you through the entire franchise process including realistic start up cost, proforma, creating an entity, registration, trademark, franchise structure, legal review, filing, and application approval.


"I have started to work with Bill 40 years ago and during this period, I have witnessed how he grew companies again and again, applying principles dear to him and so effective that his successes were many and obvious to a business observer like myself. I can only recommend that, anyone who has growth goals as a senior executive, gets to know bill and seek his operational, straight and no nonsense advice."

Xavier P. Negiar
Top 250 most influential CEO in France, and Former CEO of leading industrial companies in Europe in diversified sectors such as Printing and Publishing, Truck Rentals, and Technology.

Author Of Attitude Of Resilience

BG International focuses on Coaching, Public Speakings, and Growing Companies.

Bill Grimm is a certified, accredited Coach from The Coaching Masters. He can add value to CEOs, Presidents, and founders by clarifying their strategy for growth and by assessing the company culture to maximize productivity, both financially and team-wise.

Our Mission

Includes helping the community by giving some of the proceeds to people in poverty.

As Chief Operating Officer of the Cannery Row Company for the past several years, Bill Grimm is primarily responsible for real estate asset management, including acquisitions and leasing for all company holdings.

Previously, Bill served as a senior executive for several years in the foodservice industry and was responsible for creating franchise growth strategies and scaling the companies. They included PepsiCo’s California Pizza Kitchen, Allied Domecq’s Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins, and Gloria Jean’s Coffees, where he was also an officer.

Bill served on the Board of Directors of Mission Community Hospital in Los Angeles where he also chaired the finance committee. In more recent years he served as Board Chair of the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and chaired the Government Affairs Committee, from where he spoke before the California State Senate.

Bill has given several speeches throughout his career including being the keynote speaker at a national sales meeting and at the graduation ceremony at a college. He has been interviewed on CNBC TV on multiple occasions as well as the inaugural program of FOX TV’s American Business. He has also been named to the International Who’s Who of Professionals.

Bill has a BS degree in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and pursued his MBA at Loyola University-Chicago.



"Bill was the opening speaker at our Coldwell Banker Commercial event. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Bill presented in a comfortable and clear way that sup- ported our goal of connecting with our audience. I can highly recom- mend Bill for company events and conference as he is engaging with a wonderful sense of humor."

Dan Spiegel
Senior Vice President & Managing Director
Coldwell Banker Commercial

Coaching Accreditation

Heritage Ventures

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What Makes a Successful Go-to-Market Strategy

May 25, 2015
Cameron Ackbury

An Interview with Bill Grimm, COO of Cannery Row

Heritage Ventures had the opportunity to speak with Bill Grimm, COO of the Cannery Row Company, to speak about his successes with Go-to-Market Strategies. Bill is a 30 year veteran of the consumer industry having worked for companies such as Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, Gloria Jean's Coffees, and California Pizza Kitchen. As current COO of the Cannery Row Company in Monterey California, Bill is responsible for leasing, acquisitions, property management and construction projects.

What contributed to your go to market successes at California Pizza Kitchen?

I was recruited specifically to expand this casual restaurant brand globally. At the time I joined, we had about 80 restaurants with a goal to grow to 160 and execute an IPO. We segmented the market into international and domestic expansion each with its own strategy.

On the international front, we focused on growth by negotiating country development agreements with proven foodservice companies who had a presence in those foreign countries. The criteria for a prospective company included having some political connections as well as an existing infrastructure that included marketing, operations and development teams.

On the domestic front, we expanded the brand by negotiating a deal with Host Marriott for our ASAP concept in major airports throughout the world. This positioned the brand in front of our targeted customers; customers with higher disposable income who would enjoy exotic pizza. In addition, we targeted the number one foodservice operators in major markets in the country. Some of the markets included Orange County CA, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, St. Louis and Cleveland.

The end was a successful IPO.

What contributes to your go to market successes at Cannery Row Company

Cannery Row is the number one destination on the Central Coast of California with over 4 million annual visitors. The company owns almost 90 percent of the buildings on Cannery Row. To achieve the targeted revenue we start by focusing on our customer and ask ourselves how we can enhance the customer experience. We know a happy customer will refer their friends, this helps drive more sales to the tenant which ultimately brings more revenue to the company. Our strategy is threefold:

• Lease up vacant space to provide more interesting choices
• Upgrade the quality of the tenant to provide better choices
• Higher tenant rents with those associated tenants

Our strategy brings better returns to the investors enabling the company to expand and continue to grow.

What are the components of a successful Go-to-Market strategy?

A successful Go-to-Market Strategy consists of three components:

• Leadership: you can have all the systems and goals in place, but if you fail to effectively execute it falls apart.
• People: make sure you have the best people around to be productive.
• Technology: everything is changing quickly so make sure you stay current. Make sure technologies enable you to remain productive and be efficient on your operating costs.

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"Compelling book with practical strategies and fascinating personal stories for success. Bill shares his personal story of growth and resilience from his early years on a farm to getting an advances degree in chemistry to becoming a global business leader. His positive attitude, ability to relate and communicate with a diverse set of people, while getting the most out of people and businesses puts him in a category of his own. This is a must read book for anyone who wants to build a foundation of resilience that will lead to life-long success."

Dan Limesand,
Former Director of Business Development & Contracting, Montage Health

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