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Bill Grimm is a certified, accredited Coach from The Coaching Masters. He can add value to CEOs, Presidents, and founders by clarifying their strategy for growth and by assessing the company culture to maximize productivity, both financially and team-wise.

Our mission includes helping the community by giving some of the proceeds to people in poverty.


Bill is officially registered as a certified and accredited Coaching Master. A certificate is only granted to coaches who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and capabilities required to pass The Coaching Masters vigorous and comprehensive assessment process.


  • Three Secrets That Will Define Your Future
  • Branding and Your Bottom Line-Leveraging Current Trends
  • New Foodservice Phenomenon: Key Drivers That Will Ensure Long-Term Success
  • How to Go from Survive to Thrive

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Bill has given numerous public speeches in his career, including twice being the Keynote Speaker. He gives inspirational as well as informational speeches so his audience always leaves feeling they learned something that can improve their life or their career.


Bill Grimm is one of America’s foremost authorities on sales, management, and developing a business strategy that will accelerate business growth domestically and internationally. His successes include brands like California Pizza Kitchen, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, and Gloria Jeans Gourmet Coffees. His broad experience of accomplishments includes developing a product ranked #1 by Consumer Reports, upgrading the tenant mix on one of the most famous streets in the world, achieving #1 salesperson in the country for a Fortune 500 company, and serving on the board and interim CEO of a Los Angelos based hospital.


Attitude of Resilience- How To Get Energized And Thrive is a book on inspiration as it relates to personal and business growth. Starting with a challenging life as a youth, specific experiences are shared in a long career from mom-and-pop businesses to publicly traded global companies, including a major career change. The purpose is to illustrate how to succeed, both personally and in business, by focusing on certain key items and utilizing the most powerful word in our English language. It is intended to motivate you to a desirable action, never give up, and coach you on how to get there. The wish is that it will help everyone who reads it.

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